One-off payment

Pay once and get all updates free forever. Host it on your own servers.


Set-up recurring subscriptions for your users either monthly, every 3 months or 6 months.


Your site works on desktops, tablets and mobiles so you're always sure to reach every customer.

Our belief

We believe that are are many underserved dating niches that are yet to be filled. We believe our platform allows you to quickly and easily test out different niches and focus on a specific group of individuals all desperately looking to make a couplet.

Members & profiles


Register as many members as you like on your own database. We show you when your members are online and ready for a chat or private message.

Profile management

You have a number of fields that members can fill and search by. You are able to add your own fields very easily.

Monetization & payments

Earn money

Decide what limits your free users have and what premium users can see. And of course you can add your own ads in the themes if you want.


We've set-up monthly subscriptions via stripe & paypal so it's easy for you set-up a recurring income stream very quickly.

Photos & notifications


Your members can upload their own photo for their avatar, upload photos in ther gallery for others to view. They can even protect their photos so that only their liked contacts an view them.


Your members get notifications everytime some one tries to contact them in real-time when they're on the site and via email. This makes them visit your site more often.

Why should I use couplet?

Has everything a dating site needs to get started
Chat, PM, profiles, galleries couplet has it all. We're even continously adding features for you for free.

Developer and designer friendly
We've coded it in nodejs so anyone who knows javascript can get started. Our API's are toally separate for the themes.

Real-time and server safe
Chats and notifications are usually heavy on the server. We've made sure your server won't slow down for unnecessarily by using nodejs for all real-time interactions.

Awesome help
We make sure installation goes smoothly once you get started and answer your support questions anytime.